Little Sunflower, designed to develop self esteem and resilience in children from a young age!

early intervention, emotional wellbeing resource for children ages 6-10 years.
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Little Sunflower

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How Little Sunflower Works

  • Little Sunflower is an animated, interactive, digital, fun filled and intuitive classroom experience for the whiteboard.
  • It introduces creative early intervention tools for the classroom.
  • Designed to be non-invasive and blend with the classroom routine with self-explanatory and intuitive teacher led workshops.
  • It gently leads children on journeys of big feelings as experienced by the characters that children understand and connect with.
  • It introduces loveable and relatable characters and situations that even adults connect with.
  • Each character is modelled on a personality type so that all children can relate.
  • As the children complete the tasks the Little Sunflower grows to reflect their work and growth.
  • It helps to develop self-esteem, self-belief, self-confidence and resilience.

What’s included?

  • Varied holistic exercises, arts and crafts, drama, games, movement and activity, music and song, play, simple psychology.
  • Vibrant, colourful audio-visual stories and animated workshops.
  • Fun literacy skills activities.
  • The use of the senses – audio, verbal, touch, sight.
  • The gentle inclusion of nature.
  • 5 animated interactive stories, 4 audio stories, 5 colourful picture books, 2 teacher pack books for the animations, audio stories and games, a journal for doodles, drawing and writing.
  • All the content has been tried and tested successfully.

Why do we need it?

  • Children’s mental health is at an all-time low.
  • Statistics show that mental health is on the rise.
  • Average age for mental health issues is 14.
  • Why wait until children are older to introduce intervention tools?
  • Children should learn life skills through fun activities.
  • Psychologists who study developmental growth know that good connections with people and positive experiences are key as is early intervention.
  • No intensive training and paperwork for teachers.

The Way forward with Little Sunflower..

  • Little Sunflower offers decisive action that children can look forward to and enjoy!
  • Little Sunflower doesn’t feel like work!
  • It compiles the science backed tools that mental health experts suggest encourages and promotes good emotional growth.
  • Little Sunflower offers tools that will help to turn these statistics around in a fun and engaging manner.
  • As the children complete the tasks, they enjoy watching their growth reflected in the growth of the Little Sunflower
  • Helps teachers to embed positive mental health and wellbeing tools in the classroom with the help of the Little Sunflower team of characters.
What They Say

What Teachers & Parents Say About Little Sunflower

I would definitely recommend it...

I would definitely recommend to other teachers and schools. There was positive feedback from the children and they loved the Tapping sessions.


The Little Sunflower programme is a fantastic resource!

The Little Sunflower programme is a fantastic resource to use in the classroom with children to support their emotional wellbeing.


I LOVE this program!

I LOVE this program. It’s excellent! My P2/3 class love it!


Little Sunflower is so easy to use.

Little Sunflower is so easy to use. It’s self-explanatory. The children love it. We love it too!

MRS C O’HARE Teacher

Super effective!

A superb approach to support children emotionally. Super effective!


I’m my own person!

Before Little Sunflower came to my school, I thought everyone was better than me, but now I know that I’m my own person.


Susan – parent of child age 8

Little Sunflower opens positive discussion between parent and child.

Laura – parent of child age 7

Engaging and fun!

Catherine – parent of child age 6

Easily followed, and definitely beneficial!


This product is for personal home & school use and is not to be used for any other purpose. It cannot be used for group work where financial transactions take place with a third party. 

It is compiled as a fun and creative resource to help children and parents navigate and understand big feelings.. It is not intended to take the place of professional medical intervention. 

The author cannot be held responsible for loss or damage suffered as a result of using this resource in the place of professional psychiatric assistance. 

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