Supporting Parents

Supporting Parents

Hello Parents!

Little Sunflower welcomes you to its Parents’ Page! If you have opened this page then you want to support your child’s emotional wellbeing and growth. We hope that you will gain some tips and ideas to help at home in building your child’s resilience, confidence and self-esteem.


At school, through Little Sunflower your child will learn lots of tools and life skills to help with their emotional development and you can continue that journey at home! Watch them grow in confidence and self-esteem like our Little Sunflower who is mirroring their growth!


Why not download the Little Sunflower morning sheet at the bottom of the page to help with a calm morning routine and complete the tasks together. And not forgetting our Little Sunflower word bank. Find lots of positive words that will come in handy when saying daily affirmations! Add these words to the Little Sunflower petal sheet to help with your Tapping and say them whenever you feel
the need!


For years we have heard that big boys’ don’t cry. We are teaching children to hold in emotions. What we need to do it is let them feel. Teach them that it’s ok to cry and that it will get better.

The Little Sunflower kit uses characters to Introduce the concept of Tapping or EFT an holistic and simple method for emotional regulation. It includes a teacher instructional pack of how to use Little Sunflower and how to Tap.


It introduces challenging scenarios using our cast of characters, and shows how tapping can help a child to deal with anxious situations.

Using animation, picture books, soft toys and a catchy song, in a simple and fun way it helps children to manage their own emotional state.

General questions

  • Proven to reduce anxiety
  • Proven to help nurture children
  • Medically proven
  • Trialed in Primary schools
  • Can be used at school or at home
  • Loved by all children

Little Sunflower is easy to use, fun and most importantly it assists children to find a calm and happy state in a simple, yet effective way.

By combining all the tools in Little Sunflower we give children ages 7 – 10 a unique, innovative, fundamentally sound, uplifting and fun means of dealing with and regulating their own emotional wellbeing.

In the Little Sunflower pack:

  • Five picture books
  • Animation
  • Soft toys
  • Poem
  • Teacher Training
  • And a monitoring Sunflower.

Tapping. EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. A combination of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology, Tapping has been trialled in the USA and approved by Harvard Medical School.

By using the Little Sunflower pack and techniques you are teaching your child key life skills to help monitor and regulate their emotions. A technique which works and is taught, monitored and maintained with the use of the extra large Sunflower, which changes size depending on how far you are through the Little Sunflower series, the books, the toys, the App and the animation.

Not only will your child and the children in the classroom love the weekly effects but you too will gain and benefit from Little Sunflowers uplifting tools and techniques.

Yes it is because it relies on picture books, the comfort of a soft toy of your choice and the calming use of a child’s fingertips.

Little Sunflower is available online and for use at home as well as at school, allowing parents to take part in the Little Sunflower techniques along with their child.

The five books and seven toys will be made available to the general public for children to continue the good work at home.

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