Little Sunflower, designed to develop self esteem and resilience in children from a young age!

early intervention, emotional wellbeing resource for children ages 6-10 years.
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Module 2 Page 9

Take an A3 piece of card and cut it in half.

(Please ask for help from an adult before using scissors)

Cut each side in half again. And again and again until you have rectangles that are about 7 cms x 4 cms. You will need about 40 pieces of card to make 20 pairs.

On the back of two cards write the words that describe you like

‘I’m Super’.

On the next two write, ‘I’m Different’ and then on another two ‘I’m Special’ and on the next two, ‘I’m brave’.

Keep going until you have 20 pairs with twenty brilliant words.

Put them all together and shuffle them. Lay them all out on a table top with the words facing down. Now try to find your matching pairs.

And, if you have time, you could draw a picture of the Little Sunflower on the back of each of the cards

Here’s an image of a set that I made to play with some students! We had great fun! Maybe some of your family can play too! Who has the best memory and can collect the most pairs?!

You could also use these matching pairs to play a game of snap!

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