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EFT / Tapping

Have you ever shouted at someone? Or been shouted at for doing something that maybe you were told not to?

It doesn’t feel good to shout at someone. Afterwards, we don’t feel good inside and it can worry us.

And it doesn’t feel good if someone is upset with us for doing something that we shouldn’t. That can worry us too.

Lucas Lion understands, so let’s look at how he reduces the yuck feelings in those moments and feels better.

Like Milo, he uses the powerful tapping technique to help him reduce any of those feelings that he might have.

Can you remember what to do?

Let’s recap.

Check your number vine ….. On a scale of one to ten how big is that feeling inside?

Take a note of the number and now let’s try to make it as small as we can.

Tapping gently on the sword of the hand we will say ….

Even though I’m feeling worried/ upset / yuck / right now (and mention what you are feeling worried / upset / yuck about) I still accept and love me anyway.

Do this three times.

Now we will gently tap our way through the tapping points as Lucas is showing you in the picture and starting with the top of your head.

I’m feeling worried / upset / yuck or use the words that are most relevant to how you are feeling and work your way through all the tapping points, repeating the words.

You might need to repeat this round again. If so, go ahead and do it until the feeling is reduced.

Now. tapping on the sword of the hand again, let’s say, ‘even though I have been feeling worried / upset, / yuck / I know that I’ll be ok, it’s getting better (or whatever other positive thought comes into your head)


‘Because I love and accept me just as I am.’  Say this three times.

Now, moving again to the top of the head, tapping gently and using the words that you have looked for and written on your petal page, we can begin again using these wonderful uplifting words that you have found to describe you.

Work your way through all the tapping points and then measure on the vine how you are feeling now.

Has that number reduced?

Keep going until you can get that number as low as it will go!

Well done! You have helped Lucas Lion to feel much happier inside too!

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