Little Sunflower, designed to develop self esteem and resilience in children from a young age!

early intervention, emotional wellbeing resource for children ages 6-10 years.
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Lucas Lion can be misunderstood. He has many feelings inside and doesn’t know how to express them. He reacts to circumstances and not always well.

He roars and shouts and is then sometimes told off!

And that only makes it worse for Lucas.

He has a big personality and seems very confident but can be consumed with worries and confusion.

And that, sometimes, can manifest in behaviour that others deem inappropriate.

Can you remember feeling like this?

We’ve most likely all been wrong at some time in our lives, reacted in a way we later regret and it can feel bad. Talk to your child about times when you have realised and accepted that you were wrong.

Did you make it right? What did you learn from the experience?

Here, we are helping your child to accept when they are wrong. And that it is very brave and strong to do so.

Learning from the experience is a huge growth lesson and a positive step forward.

We are also learning about self-acceptance and how a smile and a small gesture can not only make someone else feel good, but can fill us with joy as well!

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