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EFT Tapping

Hello, I’m a certified and accredited EFT practitioner.

I’m going to show you how this powerful technique can help to reduce and calm big feelings.

When we worry our bodies can tense up, our tummies can flip, we might feel sick, we might feel hot or dizzy, we might forget what we want to say! We can also feel excited too! So many feelings all mixed up together. That is a scary thought! 

When I have to stand on the stage and speak in front of hundreds of people, I feel worried!

And I’m going to show you what I do to help myself feel calmer.

I’m going to use this scene as an example but you can change the words depending on what the feeling or worry is that you want to reduce.


It could be that you have to perform on the stage like me. Or you’re the goalkeeper in an important football match, or your friends have gone off to play and you’re left alone and you feel sad, or you feel left out. 


These are all big and upsetting thoughts for many of us.

I’m also going to take a note of the size of that feeling inside of me on a scale of one to ten like on our sunflower vine.

One being that standing on the stage doesn’t bother me and ten being that I’m really very worried.

When I think about speaking on the stage in front of lots of people, I think I’m at a number 8. And I’d really like to be at number 1

So, let’s have a go!

Tapping gently on the sword of our hand, like in the photo, we say,

‘Even though I’m feeling worried right now, because I have to speak in front of lots of people, I accept these feelings, because they are mine and I accept and love me too.’

We will say this twice more whilst tapping gently on the sword of the hand.


Just like Milo, we will work our way through the tapping points. Starting on the top of the head, saying, ‘I’m worried about speaking on the stage.’


I can do that sequence of tapping two or three or four times until the feeling inside doesn’t feel strong anymore and I feel calmer. I want to get that number from an 8 as close to a one as I can.  You might reduce that feeling in one round or it might take three or four and that’s ok.

When you feel calmer, you can change the words to positive words.

Tapping again on the sword of your hand we can say,

‘Even though, I have been feeling worried about talking in front of hundreds of people, I know I can do this, because I have practiced and I am strong and brave and I accept myself and I love me too!’ And once again, we will tap on the sword of our hand and say this three times.

Then, again, we will move to the top of our heads tapping gently and using the words that you have looked for and written on your petal page and we can begin again using these wonderful uplifting words that you have found to describe you. Gently tapping on the top of the head

‘I am strong, I am brave, I can do this, I’ve practiced so much, I believe in myself, I’m amazing, I’m wonderful, I’m confident, I’m awesome, I’m calm, I’m different, I’m special, I’m me.’

In your own words say your worry out aloud and follow the same routine we have just completed to help you reduce your worry! I’m feeling very brave right now!

Thank you for tapping with me!

Once we have reduced the intensity of the worry feeling we increase our feelings of strength by then using powerful and uplifting words.

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