‘Little Sunflower Online Interactive Child and Parent Wellbeing Pack’

‘Little Sunflower Online Interactive Child and Parent Wellbeing Pack’

Join The Fun!
Help your child to manage their "BIG FEELINGS"
with the Little Sunflower Online Interactive
Child and Parent Wellbeing Programme

Little Sunflower is starting school and is inviting your child on a journey as she meets the different types of new personalities that inhabit every classroom, learning as she goes and understanding that it’s ok if we are all a bit different! 

Little Sunflower learns that even the most confident person may have worries that they are trying to manage.  

 Your child will be helping Little Sunflower grow as she learns, when you access the interactive, fun, animated, digital, early Intervention, emotional wellbeing online programme using your tablet or mobile.  

Anxiety and worries in all children are on the rise. 50% of mental health problems in place by age 14.
The earlier we start to help our children deal with BIG FEELINGS the better equipped they will be!
Little Sunflower is here to help you support your child by being: 
A key tool for early intervention: addressing feelings before they turn into much bigger problems.  
A fun and engaging resource that can help your child before they reach those vulnerable teenage years.
A way to master the essential life skills that will help your child time and time again as they grow into healthy young adults.
A unique parent-child collaborative resource, which in an uncomplicated, jargon free way helps your child to develop resilience and feel happier about themselves and the people they interact with on a daily basis.
Is your child showing signs of anxiety? Is your child easily upset, sometimes out of proportion to the situation? Is your child angry? Are you challenged by your child’s behaviour? 
Are tantrums and meltdowns a regular occurrence? Does your child express low self-esteem and lack confidence? Is your child unsure how to react in social situations that they can’t control? 
Does your child blame others? Does your child feel sad or unhappy, often without any clear reason?

What’s Included in the Monthly Subscription?

You and your child will have full online unlimited access to the Little Sunflower Modular Programme for 12 months. The programme is being updated continuously with new interactive content to help your child manage their own emotions.

You’ll make friends with Little Sunflower and her seven animated interactive friends who appear in each module: Milo Mouse, Lucas Lion, Harriet Hare, Deanna Dog, Tobey Tortoise, Kate Cat and Mickey Monkey.

The programme consists of extensive activities and workshops for children and parents to complete together or alone. You’ll also receive a fantastic journal for use alongside the interactive pack and the five colourful picture books, one for each character of the animated stories with holistic exercises included for bedtime reading and relaxation. These will arrive by post.

As soon as you join Little Sunflower, you will receive The Little Sunflower A4 journal for doodles, pictures, thoughts, feelings and fun creativity. This will arrive within 14 days of your subscription start date. 

You will also receive an additional pack of extra materials including ideas for games with movement, arts and crafts, music, play, the use of the senses and nature later in the year.

Through Little Sunflower and her friends, your child will learn simple strategies to manage their feelings, thoughts and worries. 

The characters are all full of fun, and will gently lead your child through those moments of big feelings because each character experiences those feelings too:

Milo Mouse – worries and anxiety
Lucas Lion – bravery and owning feelings
Tobey Tortoise & Harriet Hare – diversity and self-acceptance 
Deanna Dog & Kate Cat – friendships
Mickey Monkey – confidence and self-belief 

And all observed by the Little Sunflower who watches, learns and grows along with the characters and the children as the tasks are completed.

Little Sunflower Pack is released monthly:

Month 1: Milo Mouse animated interactive pack & journal

Month 2: Milo Mouse Picture book

Month 3: Lucas Lion animated interactive pack

Month 4: Lucas Lion Picture Book

Month 5: Tobey Tortoise & Harriet Hare animated interactive pack

Month 6: Tobey Tortoise Picture book

Month 7: Deanna Dog and Kate Cat animated interactive pack

Month 8: Deanna Dog Picture book

Month 9: Mickey Monkey animated interactive pack

Month 10: Mickey Monkey Picture book

Month 11: Extra material pack

What Parents Have Said About Little Sunflower

Laura – parent of child age 7

Totally fun and engaging. I definitely see the benefits for my child.

Simon, Parent of 8 year old

It encouraged communication in our home between me and my child. Absolutely helps to open the door of communication and understanding.

Susan – parent of child age 8

Easy to follow, not stressful and very cheery!

Michael, parent of child aged 6

Very comforting approach especially for parents coming at this topic for the first time.


This product is for personal home use and is not to be used for any other purpose. It cannot be used for group work where financial transactions take place with a third party. 

It is compiled as a fun and creative resource to help children and parents navigate and understand big feelings.. It is not intended to take the place of professional medical intervention. 

The author cannot be held responsible for loss or damage suffered as a result of using this resource in the place of professional psychiatric assistance. 

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