Little Sunflower, designed to develop self esteem and resilience in children from a young age!

early intervention, emotional wellbeing resource for children ages 6-10 years.
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Little Sunflower

As parents, we want our children to be worry free.

Little Sunflower is designed to help your child relax, understand and express feelings so that parents will feel the benefit too.

It also, through the little sunflower characters who feel all the emotions that we feel, shows us how to manage these feelings, how to accept ourselves just as we are, and to know that we are different and special. 

For some children, expressing their feelings can be challenging. Little Sunflower is designed to address this through the medium of the characters experiences. Children can associate with the Little Sunflower characters and see themselves through their eyes, situations and their emotional reactions.

  • It helps them to feel less alone.
  • To understand that these feelings are felt by others.
  • That we can do something about them.
  • The combination of tools helps your child find a form of expression that they can connect with.
  • Accept that it’s ok to have big feelings.

Little Sunflower is split into five modules, with five different stories focusing on the characters and their worries.

Milo Mouse, who feels shy, anxious, worried, nervous and is intimidated by stronger personalities.

Lucas Lion, who is loud and boisterous, sometimes feels angry or finds himself in trouble!

Tobey Tortoise, who just can’t do things as quickly as others and is sometimes left out or feels left behind especially when he watches speedy Harriet Hare.

Deanna Dog and Kate Cat, who both worry about not being good enough and what others think of them.

Mickey Monkey who lacks confidence in his incredible talents.

After each story, your child can monitor on the Little Sunflower Vine  

how they feel when these things happen and how to reduce the feelings through breathing exercises.

There’s also the Tapping tool. I’ll tell you more about the powerful holistic Tapping tool in another video.

There is a Little Sunflower Word Chart to download or recreate to help your child find wonderful new words they can use to describe themselves and aid their wellbeing journey.

We have arts and crafts for your child to complete to help them on their wellbeing journey. You can see a selection of art work suggestions on the gallery page on the website.

There is the Little Sunflower song, with a different verse after each story.  

You will notice that Little Sunflower grows each week mirroring your child’s emotional growth as they complete the tasks. During this Little Sunflower consistently promotes differences and self-acceptance and their own unique specialness.

There are games to play, alone or with others. This will be explained further and in more detail in the extra material section. It is known that it can take a few weeks to change a mindset depending on consistency and how set the mindset already is. I hope that you and your child enjoy the Little Sunflower journey. Thank you for listening.

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