Little Sunflower – Growing Happy Children! 
Early intervention emotional wellbeing. A complete wellbeing package delivered by animated, interactive, digital characters.
Engaging, colourful and fun!

Little Sunflower was born from a desire to help children from a young age to grow with self-esteem and resilience and to be confident in who they are as they grow up. To know that they are different and special.  

The statistics for mental health are at an all-time low with the average age for mental health issues at approximately 14 years of age.

The onset of Covid did nothing to help this and teachers and parents more and more are seeing the negative effects that prolonged spells of isolation, worrying about illness, missing friends etc., has had on social skills and feelings of wellbeing.

And continuously children’s mental health declines. 


Did you know that 50% of mental health issues are established by age 14 and 75% by age 24 and in May 2023 that there were 455,000 children in the UK and Ireland needing help from Children and Adult Mental Health Services. CAMHS. 


Enough children to fill Wembley Stadium five times over. 


Also, in these rising mental health statistics is school anxiety, which affects two thirds of children, and school refusals are at 1.6 million per year.

We want to protect children but we know we can’t shelter them from everything ….. and wouldn’t want to …

We want them to cope with stress and changes as they grow.

We want them to stand tall and say, ‘I can do this, it’s not great, but I can do it.’

We want them to develop resilience. To have the ability to keep going and bounce back in the face of adversity.

And resilience, is not a gene we’re born with, it’s something that is developed through time, experience.

Resilience, is something we can build and strengthen.


And this is why Little Sunflower was born. With a passion to make children’s young lives joyful, and fun as much as possible.

To help them understand that differences are ok. That different abilities are ok and offer options that they can love and enjoy. 

Little Sunflower is here to gently help you help your child’s emotional journey.  


Welcome to Little Sunflower – We’re Growing Happy Children! 

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