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Little Sunflower – early intervention emotional wellbeing. A complete wellbeing package delivered by animated, interactive digital cartoons combining a self-explanatory workshop. Engaging, colourful and fun!

Little Sunflower was born from a desire to help children from a young age grow with self-esteem and resilience and to be confident in who they are as they grow up. To know that they are different and special.  

The statistics for mental health are at an all-time low with the average age for mental health issues at approximately 14 years of age.

The onset of Covid did nothing to help this and teachers more and more are seeing the negative effects that prolonged spells of isolation, worrying about illness, missing friends etc., has had on social skills and feelings of wellbeing.

We want to protect children but we know we can’t shelter them from everything ….. and wouldn’t want to …

We want them to cope with stress or changes as they grow.

We want them to stand tall and say, ‘hey, I can do this, it’s not great, but I can do it.’

We want them to develop resilience. To have the ability to keep going and bounce back in the face of adversity.

And resilience, is not a gene we’re born with, it’s something that is developed through time, experience.

Resilience, is something we can build and strengthen.

Psychologists who study developmental growth have wondered why some individuals bounce back and other collapse in the face of adversity.

What causes a person to have difficulty coping?

This is a difficult question and not easily answered, as none of us are made the same.

But then they had a light bulb moment and asked …… what if we put resilience tools in place and allow the individual to learn from and adapt with time? Would this work? And what would work?

Two answers to this we do know about:

  1. Good connections with other people!
  1. And a positive experience at school!

Little Sunflower knows that these are two experiences that it can help to promote!

Filling the classroom with laughter, games, drama, dance, holistic therapies, EFT,

(Find out more about our holistic therapy EFT on our blog page)

music, movement, conversation, discussions, simple psychology, positive vision, literacy, audio skills, visual and verbal skills and combining the whole lot into a fun filled, easily adaptive, NON-INVASIVE tool with which children can associate and develop a positive emotional connection and all delivered by a Little Sunflower and its proud cast of characters:

Milo Mouse, Lucas Lion, Tobey Tortoise, Harriet Hare, Deanna Dog, Kate Cat and Mickey Monkey.

With all the personality traits that you will find in the classroom on a daily basis, the Little Sunflower characters and animated interactive digital stories teach the boys and girls exactly what they need to build …….. you got it!


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