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Little Sunflower - how it has grown from a seedling to
the blooming flower it is today!

My Name is Sarah I just realised that whilst schools and parents are now signing up to Little Sunflower’s resources to help their children navigate the emotional rollercoaster that many children feel …..


It occurred to me that you most likely don’t know me, the person behind Little Sunflower and why the Little Sunflower seed was planted and how it has grown from a seedling to the blooming and glorious resource that it is today. 


Let’s go way back! I taught children drama for years and I often felt that I was giving them a façade of confidence. They would shine for those few minutes on stage or wherever they happened to be and then shrink back to the shadows. Behind their eyes I could see that it wasn’t sticking and I didn’t know how to make it better. 


But I understood it and empathised with it. 


Because I was that child. 



I retrained as a professional actor and voice artist at the Drama Studio, LondonAnd we spent much time delving into the mind of a character and their motivations which led me to a great interest in psychology and what makes us do what we do and feel like we do. Basically, what makes us tick.


I then worked as an actor and voice artist. 

I wrote and published a novel. 

I wrote, directed and produced award winning radio drama. 

And then, I retrained in holistic therapies and counselling skills.


It is the combination of tools and skills that have come together to create the animated, interactive, digital packs that you see here today.


Our lives are very different now. And especially that of our children. Their childhood experiences are very different to the childhood’s that we skipped through.


And with anxiety on the rise, something needs to be done to help. 


And this is why Little Sunflower was born. To help us help children and to navigate and understand big feelings together. 

We want to appeal to children at their level. We want them to be happy and content. 


Back to school looms for children, parents and teachers and of course, there’s going to be a whole new dynamic about our days in the coming weeks. 


Little Sunflower is here to help. Tried and tested many times and over five years in creation. 


Little Sunflower has been my dedication and passion for years. 


I hope that you, your child, your class, enjoy it. 


I love to chat. So please feel free to get in touch and share your experiences or ask any questions that you may have. 

Thank you. 


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